Palo Santo Sticks (Bundle of 3)

Palo Santo Sticks (Bundle of 3)

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"The Vibe Smoother"

These little smudge sticks are 100% pure Palo Santo wood from South America.  

Palo Santo is a sacred tree from the citrus family related to Frankincense.  

It's name means “Holy Wood.” With metaphysical properties similar to that of sage and cedar, this sweet-smelling wood is sought after for clearing spaces and people.

By burning the wood and letting it smoke, you can clear the energy field around a person or in a room. 

It can be used alone, or in combination with a sage stick. 

Sage sticks= Clean Air/Clean Vibe

Palo Sticks= Smooth Vibe ~ Compliments  Sage and cranks it up a notch!