“Maintain” All Natural Pain Relief (Copaiba w/ Moringa Oil)

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 " Maintain " A curated Copaiba essential oil blend w/ moringa oil was created by distilling the gum resin tapered from a Legendary tree called the Brazilian Copaifera reticulate tree and blending with Organic Moringa Oil (carrier oil). Copaiba oil is very high in beta-caryophyllene, which has a plethora of health benefits. Beta caryophyllene is very well known for its calming and immune supportive-properties making this tincture very much needed. Copaiba will be a great addition to your daily routine. Copaiba is sometimes referred to as "boosting" oil. Meaning that it will boost any oil it is paired with to take your wellness to another level. In this case we have paired it with Moringa Oil (from our farms in Costa Rica) making this is a very powerful and unique wellness blend. Copaiba has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can alleviate pain, and infection. When paired with Moringa oil, which stimulates the immune system and promotes cognitive function, " Maintain " is a must have in every home.

Copaiba organics oil helps to keep skin safe and bright by promoting healthy and smooth skin. Apply a few drops of copaiba oil to a carrier oil or a face moisturizer. Copaiba skin-care benefits come from its natural moisturizing characteristics.

Tree-tapped from the balsam of the Copaiba tree to produce a high-quality essential oil with no additives or fillers. Copaiba essential oil contains 55% beta-caryophyllene responsible for promoting the general health of cells.

Copaiba essential oil contains no fillers, additives, bases, carriers, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs, harmful chemicals, paraffin, or parabens. It's made from all organic ingredients.


  • Helps manage acute or chronic pain 
  • Balances the neurological response 
  • Prevents cell aging with antioxidant properties 
  • Heals wounds by reducing scarring 


How to Use:
Apply 8 drops under the tongue. Hold for 20 seconds before swallowing for best results.

Key benefits :

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the liver 
  • Supports Respiratory Functions 
  • Balances Neurological Functions 
  • Speeds up Digestive Function 
  • Prevents Cell Aging 
  • Provides Pain Relief
  • Promotes Immune Health 
  • Lowers Cholesterol 
  • Powerful Anti- Inflammatory 
  • Fight Infection 
  • Helps with Acne