Rose Petal Sage 4”

Rose Petal Sage 4”

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"Rose Petal Sage”



Self Love


All kinds of “Ships” …. Romantic, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother Etc…..

  Benefits of Sage Smudging:
~Clear argumentative energy
~Moved into a new space
~Reset the mood
~Cleanse negativity
~Improve sleep
~Remove tension
~Uplift mood
~Increase positive energy
For those who are new to burning sage, please take into consideration that this herb will emit a small smoke cloud. You must open a window or door to allow the sunlight to flood the room along with the fresh air.


Sage sticks= Clean Air/Clean Vibe

Palo Sticks= Smooth Vibe ~Compliments  Sage and cranks it up a notch!